Monday, April 26, 2010

4th of July

This must have been a really boring 4th because we don't have many pictures. But the one's we have make me so happy!
Here are my boys watching fireworks! They could see down to Stadium of Fire to the south, straight ahead Thanksgiving Point, and any other random fireworks!
Look at the camera!
Brothers that love each other so much!

Family Festival 2009

This was the last year we rode in the parade with Eric being on the City Council! I think we need a bigger golf cart!
Lindsey riding the pony!
Maggie's turn!
Go Ben!
Love this picture!
Jake, don't choke on the powdered donut!
Lindsey's smart and went for the chocolate!

Which of these is not like the others?

Jake in his General Grievous mask!
Lindsey wearing the Queen Amidala mask!
Maggie wearing the Queen Amidala mask!
The only smart one?
The whole silly bunch!

Lagoon 2009

How cute is this?! Daddy and Ben enjoy the marry-go-round!
Trying to get everyone in the same picture!
Thanks Uncle Doug for coming with us!
Can't tell if anyone is having any fun!
Good thing there are 2 steering wheels!
Maggie makes a friend.
The boys!
The girls!
Lindsey knows she is having fun, not sure if Maggie feels the same!

Zoo (2009)

School is out, so we headed up to the zoo! The kids were so excited to see all the animals!
Where's Ben? Hope the hungry animals didn't snack on him!
Love this picture of the girls looking at the giraffe!

Cute and crazy bunch of animals! Love that they are mine!

Lindsey turns 6!!!

I can't believe Lindsey is already 6!! Where did the time go? Lindsey has been so much fun to watch as she grows and learns new things. She loves the color pink and she loves dress-ups, barbies, princesses and pretty much anything that is girly!

This year she got to have her 1st friend party! She invited some neighbor friends and a friend from her kindergarten class. We made stromboli and fruit salad for dinner, then we made necklaces and bracelets with beads, and then we played games before cake and ice cream. She had a lot of fun, even allowing Jake and Maggie to join in!

I am pretty sure someone is getting a little too involved!

Blowing out the candles on her butterfly cake!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lindsey's haircut

Thanks to Aunt Anne, Lindsey got a cute haircut.  She probably cut off a good 2-4 inches.  Here are the before, during, and after pictures.  We like it to be long enough for pig-tails, pony-tails, braids, and curlers.  


Eric took Jake and Lindsey to the city Easter Egg Hunt. I was afraid it might rain and didn't want to deal with a wet Maggie. Then it didn't even rain, oh well! This is the first time we have colored eggs alone. (We usually do it with cousins). Poor Maggie fell asleep and someone had fun "decorating" her!

This is Lindsey. . .

. . . she likes to put weird outfits together!  She has a tutu on her head, doll shoes on her fingers, and mismatched shoes.  She gets her fashion sense from her dad!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Last week we took the kids to the Draper Temple Open House.  It was a fun experience for them to see the inside of the temple.  Taking an 18 month old was quite the experience!  While in one of the sealing rooms, trying to have a spiritual moment, Ben started "singing" Sunbeam!  So I told him to fold his arms.  He starts mumbling a "prayer" so I decide to take him out in the hall so everyone else can enjoy the sealing room.  Out in the hall there were many people walking past us and Ben being the happy boy that he is, starts waving to everyone.  Everyone waves back until 1 man stops to shake his hand and comment on how happy his is.  After shaking hands, Ben decides not to wave but to stick his hand out to shake hands with everyone.  I would never believe that so many people would want to stop to shake his hand, but it was too funny to watch as even one man went to shake his hand only to have his friend step in front of him.  I thought he would walk away and not worry about it, but he didn't, he waited for 2 more people to shake Ben's hand so that he could.  Looks like Ben takes after his dad and may turn to politics too!  YIKES!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Living in Lindseyland!

We often joke that Lindsey has her own world she lives in. Lately she has been visiting there more than ususal. She has been coming up with some of the funniest things. The other night saying the dinner prayer, she prayed that we would be like Heavenly Father and Jesus, (she has been saying this for awhile) and not that mean old guy, Satan. It was a good thing the prayer was almost over because we were all about to lose it! The next morning she came up to me and said, "Mom, I hate to tell you when you look weird sometimes, but the good news is the sink looks clean!" The compliment had to be whispered in my ear, but the looking weird could be shared loud enough for everyone to hear! She also likes to pick out real "cute" outfits all by herself. The more layers the better! We think she is pretty great, especially after she returns from Lindseyland!
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